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At Home Learning - Souderton Area School District

Dear 5th Grade Familes,

We are never alone. God is with us always. Also, I am just a message away. Please let me know when you need anything and keep in touch just to let me know what you are doing. We will make it through together. God tells us that in all things we should be grateful. This is a great example to practice that.

I love you all!!   Love, Mrs. Cleary



You may pray your morning offering together with your family each morning:

“Dear Jesus, thank you for bringing me to this day, a beginning of a new day of life. I want to share this day with you. May everything I say, or think, or do, please you and be my way of thanking you for all that you have done and do for me. Keep me safe in body and soul. Bless my relatives, my friends, my classmates, my teachers. Through the immaculate heart of Mary, your mother, and the mother of us all, help me to grow today in your love so that through the example of my life, others may come to know you and to love you. Amen”  

You may also pray the Stations of the Cross online by using this link:


Please do at least 20 minutes and at least one lesson on iReady Reading Lessons each day.  After you do your lessons, you may play games. However, please work on the lessons daily.

Read a good book for at least 20 minutes each day.

Make a journal entry


Please do at least 20 minutes on iReady Math Lessons each day. (This may be more or less than one lesson) After you do your lessons, you may play games. However, please work on the lessons daily.

Practice your multiplication or division facts each day.


Social Studies

Log into Studies Weekly

Find the Login button on the top right corner.
Log in using the following. Capital letters, spaces, etc. matter so please use exactly what I wrote below:
Password: Kateri5
Then click on the Social Studies Picture.



Please continue to write in your journals each day. You should be writing two paragraphs for each entry now. Tell me any or all of the following or anything else you would like to share:

What have you been doing?

What learning activities did you get involved in?

What have you done with your family?

What were you fearful about?

What were you happy about?

What other feelings have you felt?


Suggested Supplemental List of Websites Grades 3-5


National Geographic Kids

PBS kids


Math Before Bed

Bedtime Math

Here’s another one for you geography fans who like a mystery to solve:

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego  with Google Earth

Here are some virtual tours you can take. Explore and have fun! Learn something new!!

Virtual Field trips  25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids—Spring 2020

Home Learning

Home Learning